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Home Insurance
Homeowner’s coverage doesn’t have to be difficult to understand. 
A basic Homeowners Insurance Policy will cover the following:
 The structure of your home
Related Private Structures (i.e. Detached Garage) 
 Personal possessions (up to a set limit)
Living expenses in case of a disaster
Personal Liability
Medical Payments
Some Optional Coverages would include but not limited to:
Water/Sewer Backup, refrigerated foods, Jewelry, Guns, Business Personal Property and more.
Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance offers you protection in many ways. It is important to talk to an expert about your coverage levels. Your Auto Insurance will cover you in these main  ways:
Liability - protects you in the event you are sued for claims that fall within the coverage of the policy
Comprehensive - This coverage is used for acts of nature, hail, wind, moving animals
Collision - This coverage is in place in case you are at fault in the accident and would cover your vehicle. 
Life Insurance
The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Family
Whole Life
Whole Life Insurance products can vary greatly but the main thing to remember with a whole life product is that it is a policy that is meant to last your whole life. This type of a product is not usually the best option for most people due to cost and towards the end of your life you may not need as much coverage. Whole Life Insurance is a great way to leave a legacy for your family or it can be used as a wealth building tool if done properly.
Term Products
Term Life Insurance is just what it sounds like, it is meant only to last for a certain term length. Usually at a younger age you have more debt or a family to protect in the event you were to pass away. You can buy large term policies to protect your family for a very little investment. Then when you are a little older and your debt is mostly paid off you do not need as much life insurance. This allows for you to get the coverage you need when you need it at a low cost. 
Life Insurance Riders
There are many different benefits that can be added to certain life insurance products.
Term Rider - This can be added to a Whole Life policy so you have a Whole life product but then have additional coverage when you need it the most by adding additional coverage for a certain term at the beginning of the policy. 
Return of Premium (ROP) - This can be added to a Term Policy and allows you to be paid all of your premium back in the event that you don't use your policy. 
Critical Illness - Depending on the policy you can usually get up a lump sum benefit from your policy paid out to you if you have a critical illness such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, or some others depending on what your policy allows. 
Child Rider - You may be able to add a child rider on your policy to protect in the event that your child loses their life.

These are just a few of the "Riders" or additional coverages that can be added to different life insurance policies.  

Fixed Indexed Annuities
People have been using annuities for years as a means of Tax Deferred Growth on their Money. Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA's) are what we consider to be the best way to build wealth and safeguard your financial future. FIA's allow growth without risk because they have a minimum guaranteed rate so you never lose money. Usually these are set around 3% depending on the company and other bonuses they have. Some even give up to a 10% bonus if you leave it alone for the first 10 years! 

We can send you a book called "Growth Without Risk" all you have to do is ask! 
Health Insurance Under Age 65
We offer coverage for individuals and families in both Minnesota & South Dakota. We have more options available than any other agency in Big Stone County. We are also certified through the MNsure exchange and can help clients enroll to gain access to subsidies while still having the peace of mind that an agent can bring. We assist clients throughout the year and there is no added cost to the client to have an agent through MNsure. If you are currently through MNsure and would like an agent just let us know and we can assist you. 
The small group has grown tremendously over the last few years as healthcare costs have continued to rise. Small groups have much better rates than the individual markets. This is a great way for an employer to save on taxes as well. In Minnesota there is a requirement that the employer pays 50% of the employees premium but in return that premium can be used as a write off for the employer.  In SD there is no requirement for the employer to pay any portion of the employees cost but it allows for employees to get much better rates than on the individual market. 
Health Insurance Over Age 65
Supplemental Health Plans
There are many different types of products out there but what we feel are the best value for most clients are the "cost plans" These plans are a cost effective way to get great coverage. Only available in certain states and they may be taken away by CMS in the next few years but we are hoping that they decide to keep this option available. If you plan to move out of state there are some other options that will give you great coverage but for those that are staying close by the cost plan option is a great one! 
Prescription Drug Coverage
Prescription Drug Coverage (PDC) can be confusing for some but if you come and talk to us we will help you find the best coverage for you based on the medications you're currently taking. This can only be done during the open enrollment dates typically but there are some circumstances that would allow you a special enrollment period. Another thing to point out about the PDC is that there are penalites if you do not take this coverage as soon as you are eligible. Call our office for more information! 
Commercial Products
  • Commercial Auto: Many times commercial auto coverage can give you higher limits of liability to help protect your personal assets by transfering the risk to your company. 
  • Tailored Protection Policy (TPP): A TPP is tailored to fit the needs of specific businesses. This is more of an "A la Carte" type of policy where you can pick the coverages and limits you would like.
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP): BOP's are typically used in retail or main street businesses and they have a package of coverages that are sufficient for most businesses. 
  •  Workers Compensation: Work Comp is required in most states to protect employee's and employers from lawsuits and health & welfare issues. This coverage helps the employers cover work related injuries and protects the employees by making sure the medical bills and lost time from work is covered. 
  •  Employee Benefits: We offer a full line of employee benefits that include, disability, accident, group life, dental, vision, and much more.
  •  Tax Saving Wellness Programs: Check out this website and the videos we have that talk about this product. We feel this is the best financial product available for employers today.
About Us
Tom Oakes
Tom has been in the Insurance industry for about 30 years. He started out working with Life Insurance products through the Knights of Columbus. After a few years with them he started up the bank agency in Minnwest Bank of Ortonville. In 1998 he and his wife Karen started to follow their passion of Real Estate and started Shady Oak Realty. At the turn of the century so many of Toms insurance customers had been asking if he could be their agent again so he birthed the Tom Oakes Agency. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing, and just spending time outdoors.
His wife Karen is an amazing Real Estate Agent and has reached many goals within the MLS system. Tom and Karen also enjoy spending time with their grandkids and the rest of their family.

Patrick Buttke
Patrick has always been from the area, growing up in Milbank, and then moving to Ortonville in 2011. Patrick was originally licensed for Life & Health Insurance in 2007, working on his own for a few years. In late 2014 he got licensed for Property/Casualty business as well. When he is not working at this office he stays busy helping area teenagers grow in their relationship with God. He is also the Youth Leader at Living Hope Fellowship in Ortonville. Patrick is also a Staff Sergeant in the 740th Transportation Company in Milbank. He has been in the military since September of 2001, and went over to Iraq in 2003-2004.
His wife, Shana, enjoys spending time with nieces and nephews, crocheting, and making old furniture new again. They are hoping to start a family by adopting one or more kids later this year.

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